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Home Inspections in Colorado & Utah

At Precision Home Inspections I provide services to identify any obstacles before they interfere with your property transaction.  Uncover concerns that might compromise a property sale with home inspections from Precision Home Inspections in Grand Junction, Colorado and parts of Utah.

Inspections are important to both the buyer and the seller of a piece of property. As a potential buyer, you may miss defects and problems that could demand the need for major repairs down the road. The experience and knowledge behind Precision Home Inspections ensure that expectations of the home are accurate. Ultimately, you will have the knowledge necessary for proper maintenance in the future.  Equally important, as the seller, you also benefit from these services by discovering and remedying potential problems early. This results in the expedition of your home’s sale and the yield of a greater sale price.

Precision Home Inspections wants to address your concerns. When I arrive on-site I will make note of your observations or concerns and questions and make sure to answer them. I perform an inspection of the exterior topography, roof coverings, electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, exterior cladding, landscaping drainage, fencing, and retaining walls. I examine the interior of the home including, mechanical, electrical, structural, HVAC system, attic, crawlspace, floors, windows, doors, basement, plumbing, and cosmetic issues. I then gather the results of the inspection, both pros and cons, and compile a full comprehensive and color-coded report with photographs documenting all of my findings. The report is available within a few hours and is useful in negotiating the cost of the property.

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